Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?
You can order online from any of the models shown and options listed.
Call us directly on: 01749 345770.

Click to Email us here

Do you offer custom sizes and bespoke log cabins?
Yes Inspired Cabins do, its our forte and we specialise in this level of service, start with a sketch or plan or picture and we will turn it into a CAD to scale and then a 3D visual for you.

How long will it take for my cabin to be delivered?
As we make buildings to order it will depend on the size, options included and time of year. The quickest we offer is 14 days, the longest is 6 weeks. Average is 3 weeks from order confirmation.

Do I need planning permission for my cabin?
A useful guide click here  log cabin planning permission for more information or contact you local council planning for information.

What base is needed for a log cabin?
Dependent on ground conditions, concrete base made to correct specifications is ideal.
Where there are slopes and undulations a pressure treated base is optimal.
There are many base options and it is worth exploring these as some are fairly easy to make.

What wood is used?
The majority is sourced from the Baltics to get the slowest grown pine & spruce woods.
We glue-laminate on the larger buildings, thicker woods to achieve the strongest wall logs and roof purlins.

What the differences in wall thickness?
There are different sizes of walls thickness offered by other log cabin companies. Inspired Cabins start at 34mm and is suitable for the smaller buildings we offer in our log cabin ranges.
We recommend 44mm for medium sized buildings and 70mm for the larger sizes.
All the Inspired Log Cabins Range can be offered with our market leading quad therm insulated wall option.

What is the floor for the log cabin?
Majority of Inspired Log Cabins come with a 28mm floor. We do offer other options, ask us for further information.

What are the differences in the windows and doors?
The single most expensive part of a log cabin is normally the windows and doors. It really does change the price when trying to compare different log cabins from one company to another. The type of glass, the mechanism hinges and locks, the way the frames are structured, the furniture and finishes.
Everyone will state they have the best windows and doors but often they are adequate at most.
Log cabins where the price looks really good when searching by building size are normally including inferior windows and doors so be careful when you think you have found the best deal.
Inspired Cabins have German GU mechanism hinges and multi pickup locking with heavy duty furniture. Anti bump and anti snap locks come as standard. Toughened safety glass is standard on all 44mm and 70mm buildings.
For the ultimate log cabin we offer Aluminium windows and doors including bifold doors.

Should I insulate my cabin?
We recommend the 70mm quad therm if you want to fully insulate your log cabin, includes insulated walls, floor and roof.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Are there a choice of roof shingle colours?
We offer a choice of green, red, black, brown and grey roof shingles.

What finishes are available for the log cabins?
All buildings are kiln dried and untreated, they are packed to keep them dry and you must apply finishes after building. We offer advice and recommendations on what to use.
We also offer an external, internal and a window, door finishing paint option. There is a vast colour choice to select from. Additional paint will be sent for areas to be completed and touch up where needed.

Can the log cabins be used for permanent living?
Any of our designs can be made for full living use all year round. 

Can I build myself?
Yes, although we recommend you ask us first about what is involved. We have many customers who have built their Log Cabin, it can be complicated, hard work and dependant on the size time consuming. BUT very rewarding when completed.

Do Inspired Log Cabins offer a build service?
Yes we do. We have a full installation service, look on each model option or contact us for more information.