Newquay Gazebo 2.90 x 2.70m

2.90 x 2.70m
Accommodates 10-12 people comfortably

The “Newquay” Gazebo is one of our most popular designs and has been created by our lead designer and has fast become one of the most popular Gazebos on the market. It is designed for 10-12 people to sit comfortably and is supplied together with a manually assembled table and comfortable seats, which turns your garden into the area under the open sky where you can have fun all year round.

2 people can erect this gazebo with 2 drills, no extra tools are necessary.

All selected materials, used in production of gazebos and other products are of the highest quality.

Gazebo roof

Weatherproof roofing structures are supplied as standard, cedar shingles from Canada. All gazebo roofs are constructed from quality 6mm weather-proof plywood, treated on both sides.

Gazebo posts

Depending on the gazebo size and design 6-8 posts are used. Post diameter is 100×100 mm or 120×120 mm. Posts are made of glued wood ensuring as little splitting and as much durability and safety as possible.

Each gazebo has standard handrails. Depending on gazebo shape there are 5 to 7 handrails, all gazebos can be supplied with 1,2,3 entrances, or gazebo can be supplied with full height wooden walls. These are priced per wall unit, as above.


Cushions are of highest quality fabric and can be stored outside, they are water proof, impregnated against mould and fire proof. Cushions covers are easy to take off and put on.